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On this page, I will introduce myself as Scott Kallal.  I am the operator of Scott's Quality Lawn Care.  Lawn Care is one of my biggest passions. 2017 will be my 10th year in the lawn care industry and my 8th year operating Scott's Quality Lawn Care. I am pictured above with my equipment in the fall of 2013.

Scott's Quality Lawn Care serves Camrose. We offer a range of professional lawn care services at rates which provide our customers with great value for their money.  

We take a large amount of pride in saving our customers time.  Scott's Quality Lawn Care customers are typically the types of people who place a high value on their time and do not want to be hassled with tasks such as mowing the lawn when they could be investing their time in other areas they are passionate about.  They also do not want to deal with sub par customer service that wastes their time. Which is why we make things simple.  You sign up for our services, we carry out the services to the highest standard for you, and we bill you monthly for the work.  It is as simple as that. You may also put a credit card on file with us so you never have to worry about remembering or taking the time to send payment.  There are no contracts, there is no calling us when you need us, we simply stay on a schedule so you know when to expect us. We are easy to contact via phone or email, and we make sure your needs are taken care of.

We place customer satisfaction as a top priority. We are committed to making sure of this. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will  come back to the job site at our own expense.  We will do our best to correct the problem.  If you are still not satisfied, you may cancel our services and the work which you are not satisfied with will cost you nothing.  We are now entering our 8th year of operation and we were always proud to say that this has never happened, however 2016 was the first year that we were not able to work things out with a customer. We still believe that going 7 years and doing nearly 10,000 jobs without this happening is a testament to our services and we hope that we can surpass 7 years in the future!

"Be undeniably good.  No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that."

                                - Anthony Volodkin

   Give us a try.  We could work well together!

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  • "We have been using Scott's Quality Lawn Care for 3 years now. We started with the fall cleanup and lawn mowing then as soon as he offered snow removal we signed up. We are ext..."
    Ken and Laura Nyback
    Very Satisfied Customer
  • "Scott and his company have provided us with lawn care for more than two years. we are very pleased with their prompt and efficient service. We highly recommend them."
    Harry and Margery Gaede
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